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Boyes Turner’s medical negligence solicitors obtained a compensation settlement for a client left with pain, weakness and mobility problems in his ankle after a ruptured Achilles tendon was misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain.

Our client fell backwards and experienced severe pain in his left ankle. An Achilles tendon rupture was correctly diagnosed at the first hospital he attended. He was sent to a second hospital for treatment with a referral letter advising that he had suffered an Achilles tendon rupture.  The physiotherapist at the second hospital disagreed with the diagnosis and incorrectly changed our client’s diagnosis to an ankle sprain. Following the misdiagnosis, no scan was carried out. Our client was given a boot to wear and treated with physiotherapy.

Our client’s pain did not improve and he was seen at the hospital for a scan two months after the misdiagnosis. The scan revealed that he had suffered a complete Achilles tendon rupture, but by this time it was too late to undergo surgery to repair the rupture. Our client’s treatment options were now limited to conservative treatment. His tendon healed eventually, but in the wrong position, leaving him with ongoing ankle weakness, pain and mobility problems, and able only to drive short distances.

We investigated our client’s care and sought an opinion from a medical expert who advised that earlier diagnosis and treatment of the rupture would have resulted in the tendon healing in the correct position and normal ankle function. We put our client’s claim for compensation to the hospital. They admitted responsibility for our client’s injury. The claim concluded with an out-of-court compensation settlement for our client.

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