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Written on 26th March 2020

Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos-related disease lawyers were instructed by Mr H in 2015 following his diagnosis of pleural effusions, an asbestos related disease.

Mr H was employed by the Aylesford Paper Mill, which later changed its name to Reeds Paper.  At the time Mr H’s claim was settled, the company was called RELX PLC.

Mr H was employed in the paper mill as a bricklayer, which often involved him working in the vicinity of people ripping out, repairing and installing asbestos lagging. These works caused copious amounts of asbestos dust to be present in the air and it was this asbestos exposure that led to Mr H to suffer from the effects of an asbestos related disease.

A Boyes Turner specialist industrial disease solicitor took a detailed statement from Mr H and used this evidence to pursue a claim against his previous employer.

Initially the defendant refused to negotiate a settlement of the claim, denying that a pleural effusion could be cause by exposure to asbestos. Liability was also denied for negligent exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

As medical causation and liability were in dispute, Boyes Turner issued and served court proceedings and the matter proceeded through the Specialist Asbestos Division of the High Court.

Just three weeks before trial the defendant made an offer to settle Mr H’s claim, which he accepted.

Mr H has thanked Boyes Turner Solicitors for their friendly yet professional advice and assistance in pursing his claim, and for having faith in their ability to achieve a successful outcome on his behalf.