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Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos lawyers were instructed originally by the late Mr S after he was diagnosed with possible mesothelioma.


Age 15 Mr S obtained a position at HM Dockyard Chatham as an apprentice furnace bricklayer.

He spent the first two years in the engineering department where he performed a variety of tasks which brought him into contact with asbestos including working in boiler houses and working on furnaces. Boilers were lined inside with asbestos sheeting which was cut to size using a handsaw. Mr S cut the sheeting in a confined space which was dusty.  He frequently handled and cut asbestos sheeting for boilers.

When he was in the engineering department he also  worked in foundries, smitheries and forges. Blast furnaces were relined with asbestos sheeting which was cut to size creating dust. He carried out the same work on tiling furnaces and on furnaces in smitheries, cutting the asbestos sheeting to fit.

Health and diagnosis

In December 2014 Mr S’s health deteriorated He collapsed and was admitted to hospital. A CT scan in January revealed calcified pleural plaques. By summer 2015 his breathlessness worsened again and he was readmitted into hospital.  Mr S had fluid removed from his lungs on several occasions and also had a procedure to insert talc into his lungs to try and prevent the reaccumulation of fluid. The problems with his breathlessness continued and he was told that he may be suffering from mesothelioma. Mr S’s health deteriorated further and he died in February 2016. On post mortem it was established that Mr S was not suffering from mesothelioma. It was confirmed he was suffering with right sided pleural effusion with mild right sides visceral asbestos related pleural thickening resulting from his previous exposure to asbestos at Chatham Dockyard.


Mr S had left a Will and his son, the executor,  took over the case which was brought to a successful conclusion. During Mr S’s lifetime we assisted him with successful applications for state benefits, including a lump sum payment under the Pneumoconiosis Workers Compensation Act 1979, an industrial injuries pension and a care allowance.