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We were instructed by Mr L, initially in respect of a claim for asbestos related pleural thickening, and successfully settled his claim for him in 2010 on a provisional damages basis. He had a Court Order confirming that if his condition significantly deteriorated or he went on to develop a more serious asbestos related condition, then he or his estate could come back to the Court for further compensation.

Sadly Mr L went on to develop lung cancer and he passed away in January 2013. His wife, who was also the Executrix of his Will, came back to us in order to pursue a claim in accordance with the Court Order.

We obtained expert evidence from the same Chest Physician who had reported on the initial claim. In addition, we obtained expert evidence from an engineer. Both experts were supportive of Mr L’s lung cancer, on the balance of probabilities, having been caused by his exposure to asbestos.

The overall value of Mrs L’s claim was agreed and settled in the sum of £90,718 without the need to involve the Court.