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Written on 21st March 2018 by Ruth Meyer

You are never obliged to stay with the same deputy. The relationship between the deputy and their client must be built on confidence and trust and in the knowledge that they have considered your wishes. You may not always agree on something but then that gives you the opportunity to talk things through and reach a resolution.

Choice is absolutely essential. If you feel you are struggling to work with your deputy then you will feel stressed and costs will increase. You may even feel yourself reluctantly communicating. Surely this cannot be in a person’s ‘best interests’? – Something which goes to the heart of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 

We have a highly experienced team at Boyes Turner and each team member is hand-picked for their empathy, experience and ability to work with people from all different backgrounds. The team is led by Ruth Meyer with over 20 years’ experience. We are specialists in applications to the Court of Protection and acting as a deputy for finances.

At Boyes Turner we don’t just take over but instead work with people to ensure that the spirit of the Mental Capacity Act is adhered to. This includes supporting people in the decision making process so that we take into account their own wishes and feelings as well as their beliefs and values and any other factor that should be taken into account.  We also ensure that we take into account the views of others such as anyone engaged in caring for the person or interested in their welfare and quite often than not this is the parents of the person concerned.

There have been several occasions in which we have helped clients who were either unhappy with their current deputy or felt that their current deputy didn’t have the skills to be able to fully support them and act in their best interest. We have had matters referred to us not only from the general public but also from other solicitors, case managers, financial advisers and other experts.

We would be happy to have a free initial discussion to work out what is best for you and to ensure that any transfer from one deputy to the next is as seamless as possible. 

If you would like to discuss your current deputyship arrangement or to talk about how to set one up please email our specialist team on