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Written on 25th April 2023 by Emma Wheeldon

Carer’s credit is often a lesser-known national insurance credit for carers which can assist with gaps in their national insurance record. The national insurance contribution protects a person’s future pension rights. This is particularly important if a carer is unable to work, is not in receipt of carer’s allowance and does not receive any other qualifying benefits that provides a national insurance contribution to their record. 

We often work with families where both parents have had to cease paid employment to care for their disabled child.  One parent will often receive the carer’s allowance, but this means that there is another parent who does not receive any national insurance credits if they are not in receipt of any of the qualifying benefits.  If this is the case, then the parent who is not in receipt of carer’s allowance can apply for carer’s credit which will assist with their national insurance record.

To receive carer’s credit you must be aged 16 or over, under state pension age and looking after one or more people for at least 20 hours per week.  The person you are looking after must be in receipt of the one of the following benefits:

  • Disability living allowance care component at the middle or highest rate

  • Attendance allowance

  • Constant attendance allowance

  • Personal independence payment daily living part

  • Armed forces independence payment

  • Child disability payment (CDP) care component at the middle or highest rate

  • Adult disability payment daily living component at the standard or enhanced rate

If the person being cared for is not in receipt of one of the above benefits, there may still be the possibility of obtaining carer’s credit.  Once an application is completed a health or social care professional can sign a care certificate to confirm that a carer is providing at least 20 hours of care per week.

If a carer or the person requiring care goes into hospital or the carer takes a short holiday, carer’s credit can continue for 12 weeks. 

Carer’s credit can be claimed by requesting a form by telephone on 0800 731 0297.  As a general rule, benefit entitlement is from the date the DWP become aware of the application and therefore the date you telephone to request a form will be the application date.  Alternatively, carer’s credit can be claimed by completing a form that can be downloaded from