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Posted on 1st July 2020 by Laura Magson

Welcome to Boyes Turner's Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Webinar Series, this is the second in the series, a talk from Lynne Squibb, Co-founder of HASAG: Asbestos Disease Support, in which she talks about the role of support groups and benefits for Mesothelioma patients.

For more information about HASAG please check out their website:

Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Webinar Series: The role of support groups and benefits for patients

Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Webinar Series: The role of support groups and benefits for patients

Key points of this webinar

  • The story behind HASAG
  • Services
  • Asbestos victims support groups forum 
  • What the charity does
  • Your nearest support group
  • Available benefits
  • Compensation[node:summary]
  • Solicitors
  • The role of the Coroner

Laura’s accreditations

"Friendly, warm and professional throughout"
Laura's handling of my Father's case has been excellent. She gave us every confidence in her from the moment of the first telephone conversation through to the conclusion of a successful claim· and beyond. The care and compassion·-she has· shown to my parents through the most difficult time of their lives has been incredible. Friendly, warm and professional throughout, Laura expedited Dad's case against his former employer to a successful conclusion within 5 months. Giving my parents peace of mind that they are financially secure and Dad can pursue further treatment options if he wishes, which will be funded by the former employer.Laura explained everything to us as a family and made the process as simple as it could possibly be. She held our hands (figuratively), explaining, guiding and answering all of our questions, communication throughout was superb. The excellent support and service provided by Laura and her team wasn't held up or interrupted in any way, even through the difficult months of the Covid-19 Lockdown. Laura has been a pleasure to deal with. We will be forever grateful that Laura agreed to take on my Father's case.
"Outstanding representation for Mesothelioma claim"
At the start of our journey to say we were apprehensive and nervous would be a huge understatement. Laura Magson on our first meeting, completely reassured us with her professional yet personable and friendly manner. She guided us through each step of the process ensuring we were completely at ease and fully understood every step. Laura and her team at Boyes Turner were always 100% responsive and at no point were we ever made to feel like we were wasting her time with our endless questions! Laura successfully settled our claim with an outstanding result which enables us to move forward on this journey knowing we have financial security. For anyone needing legal representation in this field we would without hesitation recommend Laura Magson and her team.
"Compassionate, explanatory and efficient."
Laura's service has been perfect. Compassionate, explanatory and efficient. It made what was a difficult set of corcumstance, much easier to deal with. A great outcome - a monetary amount we weren't expecting, and very quick.
"Mesothelioma Claim"
Absolutely delighted with the speed, efficiency and clarity of the support provided by Laura in my claim against my former employer. She cut through the legalese jargon and explained everything in detail making my decision making easy. Additionally, she handled my grim prognosis details with compassion and showed a great understanding of, not only the legal aspects, but also the complex medical details and options. The prompt settlement negotiated by Laura has ensured I can "enjoy" the benefits while still fairly mobile and also she ensured the defendants would fund any future treatments not funded by the NHS should I need them. It was a pleasure working with Laura and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to others.