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Posted on 15th October 2020 by Claire Roantree

Partner, Claire Roantree interviews Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon, Matija Krkovic.

Welcome to part one of a three part series: Limb Salvage Q&A. In this first part of the series, Matija discusses the types of injuries he see's on a day to day basis, the psychological effects of trauma and discusses a typical operation in order to save a limb.

This video would be suitable for anyone who has recently been serious trauma to guide them in what to expect.

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Key points of this webinar

  • Definition of limb salvage
  • Types of patients that are seen in everyday practice
  • Discussion about a typical operation to save a limb
  • Plastic surgeons involvement in limb salvage operations
  • Examples of orthopaedic injuries
  • Psychological effects of limb salvage and amputation
  • Treatment and recovery

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