Make a spinal injury claim

Traumatic spinal cord injury in the UK affects an estimated 10 – 15 people per million population each year.

Spinal cord injury is most commonly caused by road traffic, motorbike, cycling or sporting accidents.

Why choose Boyes Turner?

Spinal injuries can have a devastating effect on lives. At a distressing time, our specialist spinal injury lawyers can offer straightforward and clear advice and assistance. There is no cost to our clients, should your claim be unsuccessful, and our approach is to work with the family and the injured person to get maximum compensation to help rebuild lives.

Why make a claim?

We firmly believe that it is wrong and indeed immoral to bring a claim against an individual or organisation that is not genuine. Our review and screening procedures ensure that once the facts are properly known only those cases that are genuine are brought forward as claims.

How will making a spinal injury claim help me?

Bringing a claim will ensure accountability of the person or organisation responsible for your injury. This will help prevent the same mistake from happening again. 

Making a spinal injury claim will also secure the payment of compensation. Compensation is important especially in more complex spinal injury cases and where long term specialist care and assistance is required. This can be expensive and establishing a claim means that individuals and their families will not have to struggle financially to cope with the resulting spinal injury.

Following a detailed investigation by our specialist team a decision can be taken about whether or not a claim can be made and its likelihood of success. 


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