£200,000 compensation recovered after negligence claim against Chiropractor and GP

Sophie was only 10 in 1995 when she suffered an acute slipped upper femoral epiphysis of her right hip. A case was brought against her chiropractor who had seen her some 10 days previously but failed to diagnose her or refer her urgently for an orthopaedic opinion or advise her/her mother how serious the condition could become. A case was also pursued against her GP who saw her the day before she suffered the slip and again failed to refer her urgently. 

The case was originally dealt with by other solicitors but transferred to Boyes Turner in 2002. This case was funded by the Legal Services Commission.

As a result of the slip occurring Sophie underwent four major operations under general anaesthetic and has been left with a 22cm scar on her hip and her leg is shortened by two to three centimetres. She will need a hip replacement by the age of 30 and will undergo further replacements throughout her life. If she had been diagnosed and treated before the slip she would have required only one operation and would have avoided the leg shortening and hip replacements.

The negligence compensation claim finally settled against both the GP and the chiropractor for a total sum of £200,000.

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