Slip at supermarket accident compensation recovered

Boyes Turner specialist personal injury solicitors recently acted for a man who was injured after he slipped over in his local Tesco Supermarket, securing over £3,000 compensation.

He was walking down an aisle containing fresh milk supplies on his way to the checkout when he slipped on a spillage on the floor. There was no yellow warning sign alerting customers and staff that the floor was wet and slippery. He fell onto his left shoulder and lower back. He was immediately aware of aching in his lower back and during the course of the following weeks the severity of the back pain intensified.

He was found to have suffered damage to the lumbar sacral region of his back and a strain of his neck muscles and a minor head injury as he fell as he had fallen backwards onto the hard floor. Following the accident he suffered significant sleep disturbance due to pain and had treatment from a registered osteopath to deal with the continuing lower back symptoms.

A medical report was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and he was advised that the injuries sustained would require further treatment from a physiotherapist/or osteopath but there should be no long term problems as a result.

Although the claimant was able to return to work he had to work reduced hours and lost income as a result.

Immediately following the accident he was unable to carry out his ordinary domestic tasks such as shopping and cleaning and could not use the gym incurring wasted gym membership fees.

We wrote to the supermarket and in addition to negligence, we confirmed allegations of breach of Regulation 12 of the Workplace (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 which states that "every floor in a workplace...shall be kept free from obstructions and from any article or substance which shall cause a person to trip, slip or fall".

The supermarket had failed to ensure that visitors to its premises would be reasonably safe and were in breach of their duty of care.

The schedule of loss itemising the out of pocket expenses and the medical report of the orthopaedic surgeon were forwarded to the defendants representatives. Settlement proposals were negotiated and the claim was settled for £3,400 plus payment of the claimant’s costs.

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