Injury claim - Munchausens Disease by proxy

A baby was subjected to repeated invasive unnecessary medical interventions and treatment between the age of 4 months and 2½ years. This included being given anticonvulsants and sedatives as  a consequence of his mother’s fictitious reports of him suffering frequent epileptic fits. 

The mother was subsequently found to have been suffering from post-natal depression and Munchausens disease by proxy and to have administered high doses of non-prescribed sedatives to him.

As a result of the abuse and lack of stimulation in his early developmental years the infant was found to have significant learning difficulties. These included marked speech and articulation difficulties, lack of fine motor co-ordination as well as persisting anxiety, post traumatic symptoms and a degree of anxious attachment.  Symptoms were still present at the age of 7, although he had, with the support of his father and extended family, made considerable progress. However, he was emotionally vulnerable and tended to be bullied at school. By the time of the hearing when he was coming up to his fourteenth birthday he had, with considerable support including extra tuition, made further progress.

He remained emotionally vulnerable with general anxiety and low self-esteem, he was also immature for his age. However, with some further psychological counselling in his latter teens, together with being held back a year at school, it was thought that he would not be further disadvantaged in the longer term as a consequence of the abuse.

The service was personal, professional and considered. I was treated so kindly and in the end I knew that not only had I found the right organisation but also the right person.

Boyes Turner client

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