Failure to diagnose snapped achilles tendon - £21,500 compensation recovered

Our client, Mr W, injured his Achilles tendon whilst playing football in June 2004. He attended A&E and was told that he had sprained his ankle. He was told to rest the ankle and to ice it. At the time of examination in A&E he could not stand up or put any weight on his foot at all.

His ankle did not get any better, so he attended his GP who eventually referred him for an ultrasound scan, where the snapped tendon was diagnosed in October 2004.

Due to the delay in the diagnosis, the Achilles tendon had sustained major damage to the nerve endings and he had to undergo extensive surgery which involved having a tendon removed from his big toe and inserted into his heel. He has been left with diminished mobility.

Boyes Turner’s specialist medical negligence team were instructed in June 2005. Court proceedings were issued in September 2007 and an admission of liability was received although the defendant still maintained that not all of the injury had been caused by the negligence of the hospital.

An offer to settle the medical claim was received in November 2008. After careful consideration it was rejected and a counter offer was proposed. This was accepted by the defendant and the case was settled in January 2009, three months prior to the trial date for a compensation payment of £21,500. 

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David Froud

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