Did you work for Russell Lindsey Building Services Limited in the 1970s or 1980s?

Our specialist asbestos claims team has been instructed by the family of the late Brian Screen who died on 22 April 2014. He had a post mortem examination which revealed the cause of death as lung cancer. Mr Screen’s family have instructed us to investigate how and where he was exposed to asbestos dust.

We know from records that have been obtained in relation to Mr Screen’s application for government benefits during his lifetime that he worked for Russell Lindsey Building Services Limited between approximately 1976/77 and 1984/85. During that time he was a driver/storeman and had to go to various sites and clear up after fitters who had removed from the various premises, old boilers and pipe work which had been clad in asbestos lagging. The asbestos dust and debris had to be swept and bagged up to be disposed of. Mr Screen was exposed to asbestos dust when doing this task as sweeping up the asbestos dust and debris with a brush and shovel caused the asbestos dust to rise in the air. He undoubtedly inhaled the dust as he was not provided with any protective clothing or a mask.

Mr Screen’s family therefore know that he was exposed to asbestos whilst working for Russell Lindsey but because Brian died before giving a full lifetime statement they do not have detailed information regarding what his job involved day to day and details of the sites he did this work at.
Brian’s son Matthew said:

“My Dad worked on a number of sites for Russell Lindsey. We know from records that he was exposed to asbestos but we need to know more about where he worked and the circumstances of his exposure.” 

Mr Screen’s family would therefore be very grateful for any assistance from anyone who worked with Brian or who worked for Russell Lindsey at the same time who can provide more information regarding the working conditions at the company and how employees came into contact with asbestos dust.

Matthew said:

“My father was frequently ill in 2013 with bouts of pneumonia. He had a scan in January 2014 and was told then that he had cancer. It spread quickly and sadly he only lived until the April of that year. Due to the fast progression of his illness he was not well enough to seek legal advice before he died and make a lifetime statement but he did tell us that he was exposed to asbestos dust whilst working for Russell Lindsey”.

Mr Screen’s family are therefore appealing for anyone who worked at the company or who worked with Brian Screen to come forward to tell us more about what it was like working for the company.

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