Delayed diagnosis of meningitis brain damage claim settled

Our client

The parents of Rupert*, a three year old approached our expert team to make a brain damage claim after a delayed diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis in their son resulted in him developing permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy

The claims process

When we were first contacted to look into a brain damage claim we began investigating the circumstances in which the permanent injury occurred. This involved examining Rupert's medical reports during his treatment and speaking to experts in brain damage claims and cases of brain damaged children. We were trying to establish whether the permanent brain damage could have been avoided if the hospital negligence had not taken place.

Our brain damage lawyers contacted the hospital on behalf of Rupert setting out how a delay in the diagnosis of Rupert's pneumococcal meningitis had resulted in a lapse of time in starting antibiotic treatment which ultimately resulted in permanent brain damage.

Did the hospital admit fault?

Yes, the hospital admitted that hospital negligence had caused Rupert's injury and if his pneumococcal meningitis infection had been diagnosed he would have been treated earlier, potentially avoiding brain damage. 

The brain damage compensation

The brain damage claim is currently in the process of being valued. In the meantime, our lawyers have secured short term compensation payments to provide immediate support to Rupert and his family. 

*All names have been changed to protect client privacy.

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