Compensation for widow of former engineer who died of mesothelioma

Boyes Turner’s specialist asbestos claims lawyers were instructed in August 2012 by Mr R who had recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Mr R had a lengthy employment history, working in a number of different roles for various companies all over the world. Mr R could recall being exposed to asbestos in some of his former jobs.

We immediately attended Mr R at home and took detailed information regarding his employment history. There were three potential defendants however after research and consideration Boyes Turner Solicitors advised Mr R to pursue only Kellogg’s International Corporation for whom he had worked as an engineer in the 1970s. Mr R had worked for the company at various locations around the world including Curacao Island in the Caribbean, at Unioncarbide in Pennsylvania, in Saudi Arabia, in Houston on the Gulf Coast, in Multan, Pakistan and also in the UK including a contract at Coryton Oil Refinery in 1977.

Mr R worked at various premises and plants in these locations. Many had lay derelict since the 1940s and the plants had to be overhauled. Many contained asbestos lagged pipe work which all had to be ripped out which meant that the asbestos lagging was disturbed and the dust filled the air in which Mr R was working. He also worked at oil refineries and gas plants which brought him into contact with asbestos in a similar fashion.

Mr R’s claim was directed to the insurers of Kellogg International Corporation. The Company history was complex. They no longer had offices in the UK and their insurers did not admit liability within a reasonable timescale. Therefore we issued and served Court proceedings against the company in the specialist asbestos division of the High Court in London. Sadly, Mr R passed away prior to judgment being entered in his favour in respect of liability.

His widow, Mrs R continued with the claim her late husband had commenced. The claim was concluded on Mrs R’s behalf in May 2014 in the sum of £117,500.

Boyes Turner’s specialist solicitors were able to successfully pursue Mr R’s claim, even following his death. They were also able to advise Mr R at the date of instruction as to Government benefits to which he was entitled which provided Mr R with some money at the early stages of his illness to assist him with his day to day care needs. Following settlement of the UK claim, Boyes Turner Solicitors were also able to advise Mrs R to seek advise as to her potential claim for further compensation from asbestos bankruptcy trusts in the USA given that her late husband had been exposed whilst working in America.

I really appreciated the friendly, efficient and supportive nature of the solicitor. 

I would also like to express my thanks to you for your dedication in chasing the defendant's insurance company especially where COVID-19 made an impact. 

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