Cauda equina syndrome claims


£275,000 compensation for man with Cauda Equina Syndrome

Boyes Turner’s medical negligence specialists have negotiated a £275,000 settlement from a GP for a man in his thirties with  cauda equina syndrome .  The claimant, who had a past history of sciatic back pain, attended his GP...

£400,000 compensation recovered after delay in diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome

Jayne began experiencing worsening back pain, and couldn’t tolerate sitting down. The pain extended from her back into her left leg and foot and Jayne was unable to walk properly. She had difficulty coping with the pain at work. Deteriorating...

£250,000 compensation settlement following a delay in diagnosing cauda equina syndrome

Wendy* approached Boyes Turner to represent her in a medical negligence claim against a hospital who delayed in diagnosing  cauda equina syndrome . Ongoing severe back pain Wendy had a long history of severe back pain and had previously undergone...

£800,000 compensation settlement after GP fails to diagnose cauda equina syndrome

We recovered £800,000 in compensation for a 40 year old man due to a failure by his GP to diagnose cauda equina syndrome (CES). GP fails to examine patient He went to see his GP with complaints of pain in the lower back, numbness in the back of the...

£80,000 compensation after delay in diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome

Our client received £80,000 following the negligent delay in diagnosing and treating his cauda equina syndrome.   Cauda equina syndrome  is where the nerves from the spinal cord become trapped/damaged and cause problems with the lower...

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