£25,000 compensation recovered after hospital negligence resulted in neonatal death

We recovered £25,000 compensation for a mother following the death of her son shortly after he was born. 

Our client was 26 weeks pregnant when she experienced heavy bleeding and abdominal pain. She was reviewed on the labour ward and fetal monitoring was commenced. A scan was carried out and a blood clot was noted to be overlying the cervix. She was admitted into the hospital with the plan to continually monitor the fetal heart rate. She was prescribed Dexamethasone to enhance the baby's lungs.

She was reviewed at 12.15am and again at 5am. The monitoring was not reviewed again until 7.40am when it was noticed to be abnormal. An emergency caesarean section was carried out and the baby was born at 9.56am. The baby was born in a very poor condition and resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. Sadly, the baby was pronounced dead at 10.29am at 33 minutes of age.

An investigation carried out by the hospital confirmed that the fetal monitoring was likely to have been abnormal from 11pm the night before, and that they should have monitored the baby more closely.

Our hospital negligence solicitors were instructed in April 2011 and, in light of the admissions in the investigation, invited the hospital to admit liability. The hospital did accept liability some months later, admitting that if the baby had been delivered earlier, he would have survived.

We negotiated a settlement figure of £25,000 for our client. There was no cost to our client in bringing this claim.

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