£22,500 compensation claim - woman left scarred after chemotherapy

We recovered £22,500 in compensation for a 43 year old woman, who sustained an extravasation/burn injury on her chest due to chemotherapy drugs leaking from a port catheter site during treatment for breast cancer. 

Medical error leads to scarring

Consequently, she had to undergo a surgical procedure to flush out the area. She has been left with a 9 x 10cm patch of red, thickened, hardened skin with some white scarring. 

She subsequently underwent an operation to remove the port catheter, which was complicated by the burn injury and has left her with further additional scarring under her armpit as a result.

She has seen a plastic surgeon to treat the burn and it is anticipated that she may need some cosmetic procedure in the future, however most of the damage is permanent.

Making a negligence claim

She took advice from our expert medical negligence solicitors and a compensation claim was brought against the hospital.

Expert evidence was obtained from a plastic surgeon who considered that our client’s injury was likely to be permanent. A letter of claim was sent to the hospital, following which liability was admitted. A compensation settlement figure of £22,500 was negotiated.

There was no cost to our client in bringing the claim.

The service was personal, professional and considered. I was treated so kindly and in the end I knew that not only had I found the right organisation but also the right person.

Boyes Turner client

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