Delay in treating Achilles tendon rupture claim settled for £21,000

Damon* approached Boyes Turner in February 2012 to represent him in a medical negligence claim against a hospital who delayed in treating a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Damon fell backward in March 2011 experiencing severe pain in his left ankle. An Achilles tendon rupture was correctly diagnosed at the first hospital he attended.

Damon was sent to a second hospital for treatment with a referral letter advising that he had suffered an Achilles tendon rupture.  The physiotherapist at this hospital disagreed and wrongly changed Damon’s diagnosis to an ankle sprain. No scan was carried out. Damon was given a boot to wear and physiotherapy.

The pain did not improve and Damon was seen at the hospital for a scan in May 2011. The scan revealed a complete Ahilles tendon rupture.  By now it was too late to undergo surgery to repair the rupture and Damon could only undergo conservative treatment. The tendon eventually healed, but in the wrong position meaning it is now effectively non-functioning.

Damon still suffers from weakness, pain, mobility problems and he can only drive short distances.

Boyes Turner solicitors obtained reports from a medical expert who confirmed had the rupture been diagnosed and treated earlier, Damon’s tendon would have healed in the correct position and the function returned to his pre-accident condition. A letter was sent to the hospital in December 2013 asking them to admit liability. In March 2014, the hospital admitted liability and a settlement of £21,000 was negotiated.

There was no cost to Damon in bringing this claim.

The service was personal, professional and considered. I was treated so kindly and in the end I knew that not only had I found the right organisation but also the right person.

Boyes Turner client

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