£15,000 compensation for 26 year old woman following anaesthetic awareness

In January 2014 Jennifer* underwent surgery to remove her appendix which proceeded without event. However, a cannula was mistakenly not flushed through following the surgery. This meant that some of the anaesthetic drugs remained in the cannula. 

A nurse later flushed the cannula resulting in Jennifer becoming unresponsive and she had difficulty breathing. Jennifer was completely paralysed and felt as if she were going to die but was unable to communicate her distress. Jennifer eventually blacked out and when she woke up she had an oxygen mask over her mouth.

Jennifer suffered, and continues to suffer from anxiety and flashbacks, and was prescribed antidepressants.

In response to her official complaint to the hospital, Jennifer received a letter from the hospital which admitted that the cannula should have been flushed after the surgery.

Further to this letter, Boyes Turner sent a letter to the hospital in October 2014 asking them to admit their negligence at an early stage to save time and costs of investigation. The hospital responded in November 2014 admitting liability in full. The hospital made an offer of £15,000 at the same time. Boyes Turner accepted £15,000 on Jennifer’s behalf in January 2015. 

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