World Glaucoma Week 2015: 8-14 March

This week is the 6th annual World Glaucoma Week, and this year’s theme is “B-I-G – Beat Invisible Glaucoma”.

It is estimated that 50% of glaucoma remains undetected in the UK. It is very difficult to spot the symptoms of glaucoma, and this year’s theme emphasises this “invisible” disease. Over 90% of those diagnosed with glaucoma early will keep useful sight for life.  Early detection and treatment saves sight.

The aim of World Glaucoma Week is to educate people about their risk of glaucoma and the importance of regular eye exams.  Originally a day, now a week, this was created due to concern over the worldwide increase in the number of people with glaucoma as the population grows and ages.

Events to raise awareness and provide support for those living with glaucoma take place globally, such as free glaucoma screening, lectures and radio and television events.

Keep checking our website this week for more details about glaucoma, its symptoms, how to prevent it and details of those we have helped.

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