Top 10 ways a deputy can save money!

I act as a property and finance Deputy for many clients. This means I am appointed by the Court to make decisions about finances when they are unable to make the decision themselves.

I always try to save clients money. After all, I would do the same if it was my own money.

Here are my Top 10 ways in which we have saved clients money:


  • Always negotiate on estate agents fees. Recently we have saved a client £5,000.


  • Negotiate on fund manager’s fees. In certain cases they will cap the annual fee which recently meant that we were able to save the client over £40,000 over a ten year period.


  • Make sure you compare quotes on car insurance. We were able to save a client £1,600 by making one telephone call.


  • Always negotiate on rent especially if paying six months up front.


  • It is possible to negotiate the interest rate paid by the Bank so as to receive a slightly higher rate.


  • Ensure that you apply for all entitlement to State funding and that State Benefits are reviewed annually.


  • We have reclaimed the VAT on equipment for disabled clients and where adaptations have been made.


  • We have been able to obtain Council Tax reductions where properties have been adapted. On one occasion I was able to arrange to have this backdated 10 years!


  • We always review the education and health care plans for students under the age of 25 so as to ensure that all therapy that should be included is included so that it is correctly paid for by the local authority and not privately funded.


  • Clients who receive annual periodical payments should always ensure that the calculations from insurers or from the NHSLA are checked carefully as it is not unknown for there to be errors which need to be corrected.

The service was personal, professional and considered. I was treated so kindly and in the end I knew that not only had I found the right organisation but also the right person.

Boyes Turner client

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