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Is the Boyes Turner personal injury team right for you?

When someone has suffered a personal injury it is essential that they pick the right solicitor to assist them with their claim. Carefully selecting the correct solicitor will ensure that you have: Access to up to date legal advice. Advice from a large...

Tragic motorbike accident leaves Commonwealth judo star with severe brain injury

A Scottish Commonwealth Games judo star, Stephanie Inglis is in a coma with a  severe brain injury , fighting for her life after  a  motorbike accident  abroad   in Vietnam. Stephanie Inglis, 27, who won silver competing for...

Motorcyclist wins compensation following tragic motorcycle accident

A 50 year old man, Mr Wiltshire, remembers leaving Tesco with nappies which he had just purchased for his grandchild, but that is all that he can remember. The next thing he remembers is waking up in intensive care some five days later. The injured man was...

Moped rider secures compensation following partial paralysis after accident

A lady from Birmingham was involved in a horrific  moped accident  when she was driving along a road and the offending driver pulled out of a side road, without looking, and crashed into her vehicle, causing her catastrophic personal injuries. ...

Widow wins compensation for husband's motorcycle accident

The Court has recently ruled that a  motorcyclist who died  when he collided with a minibus was mainly to blame for the accident due to his excess speed. Nevertheless the widow of the motorcyclist still obtained compensation as the driver of...

Motorcyclist receives £1.4 million compensation following motorbike accident

The claimant, a student in her late 20s, was  riding her motorcycle  in London when she was struck by a car reversing over a raised kerb.  Although the claimant was travelling at only 10 mph she hit the side of the car with force, catapulted...

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