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Misdiagnosis of teenager's displaced fracture

A 14 year old boy was awarded £3.7k after he experienced pain and suffering following a misdiagnosis of his displaced femoral fracture in October 2007.

On 10 October 2007 he injured his right leg and was admitted to the defendant hospital. Radiographs were reported as showing no evidence of bone injury. The following day the radiographs were reviewed by a consultant who diagnosed that he had suffered an undisplaced femoral fracture through the non-ossifying fibroma. His leg was put in a long leg cast and he was discharged on 16 October.

He continued to suffer severe pain and was reluctant to mobilise. Two weeks after the accident, he was reviewed as an outpatient and x-rays were taken which revealed that there had been displacement of the fracture. He was readmitted to hospital and underwent open-reduction surgery and internal fixation of the fracture using a plate and screws.

He brought an action against the hospital alleging that it was negligent in failing to confirm the position of the fracture before he was discharged home.

The hospital admitted liability in the case and the boy was awarded £3.7k to compensate him for additional pain and suffering whilst the displacement remained undiagnosed.

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