Education bursary recipient, Simon Bolton, lung cancer nurse specialist, reports on the iMig Conference in Canada

There are many rewarding aspects to working in Boyes Turner’s mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease team. We are always humbled to be invited into our clients’ homes during the saddest and most vulnerable time of their lives, and regard ourselves privileged to be able to help them achieve justice, recognition and compensation for the asbestos-related injuries they suffered through exposure in the course of their employment.

We work hard to secure lifetime interim payments and settlements, knowing how important home comforts or specialist palliative care are to the dying and their loved ones who continue to support them whilst coping with their own feelings of sadness, anger and loss. With each additional experience and insight that comes from visiting a seriously ill client or talking to their family, our admiration for those who care for them professionally increases.

For this reason and to support important continuing education and research into asbestos-related disease, Boyes Turner offer an education bursary to help lung cancer nurses and other medical professionals caring for victims of asbestos-related disease meet the cost of updating their skills and knowledge.  Awarded selectively, on application, a limited number of education bursaries are available each year. Since 2015, Boyes Turner have sponsored nearly 100 healthcare professionals to attend courses and conferences, including the NLCFN Annual Conference, the Annual BTOG Conference, the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) Conference and the World Conference on Lung Cancer.

Simon Bolton, a Mesothelioma UK and lung cancer nurse specialist in Harrogate used his Boyes Turner education bursary to attend iMiG 2018 in Canada:

“I was very fortunate to be able to attend the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMiG) conference in Ottawa early this year. Boyes Turner were kind enough to award me an educational bursary to support my attendance.

“iMiG brings together people from across the world who have in some way been affected by mesothelioma, either through personal experience or because of the work we do. The world’s leading mesothelioma experts share practice and learn from one another but also get the opportunity to hear from patient advocate groups.

“In a disease which is always considered to be fatal and with such a high degree of symptom burden you’d be forgiven for assuming that many sessions focussed on symptom control and palliative care. This is far from the case. Researchers from across the globe presented results from clinical trials and showcased future work programs.

“I was extremely proud to be part of a large contingent from the UK who descended on Ottawa for those few days in May. Our research using randomised clinical trials is considered to be the most robust in the world, however, it can be frustrating due to the length of time it takes to complete. Other healthcare systems adopt forms of treatment without fully answering questions about the overall safety and benefit of that therapy. This is particularly relevant in radical surgery for mesothelioma. It was fascinating to observe the heated debates between thoracic surgeons. The UK MARS2 study aims to find if there is a role for radical surgery whilst the rest of the world carry on operating with varying degrees of success.

“Immunotherapy continues to show early signs of promise and featured heavily throughout the conference. There’s still no overwhelming data to support the use of immunotherapy in mesothelioma on the NHS. Clinical trials continue to recruit well and at present remain the only way of accessing the drug other than via privately funding treatment.

“For me, the conference was an opportunity to share some of my own work. I presented three projects, all of which were completed using patient and carer involvement. I look forward talking more about those work streams when I join the team at Boyes Turner later in the year for their annual mesothelioma study day.

“Thank you for supporting my attendance at such an important conference.”

Simon Bolton, Mesothelioma UK and lung cancer nurse specialist, Harrogate, UK.

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