£90,000 compensation awarded following tragic stillbirth

The lady’s pregnancy was reported to be normal and all the usual scans were undertaken during the pregnancy. At 36 weeks, the midwife considered that the baby was breech and sent the lady for a scan. The scan confirmed breech presentation but showed normal growth.

Two weeks later, the lady had a further scan which showed that the baby was no longer breech but the sonographer previously failed to pick up that the baby had a growth restriction. Despite this, the lady was informed that her baby was developing normally. The following week, the baby was not moving as much as usual but the midwife advised this was normal as she was close to her due date.

At 40+3 weeks of the pregnancy, the lady had not felt any movement for some time and was sent to the hospital for a scan. The baby’s heartbeat could not be found and the baby was stillborn the next day.

The couple brought a medical negligence claim against the hospital trust alleging that the hospital had not recognised that the baby was growth restricted, but if it had been identified and acted on, the baby would have been born alive.

The hospital trust admitted their mistakes which resulted in the stillbirth. The parents’ legal representatives negotiated a settlement of £90,000 which included a claim for loss of earnings, funeral costs, therapy costs and damages for psychiatric injury.

“Here is a further case of a failure to identify and act on an abnormal growth scan, leading to a devastating stillbirth. It is unclear from this case whether the midwife’s actions were criticised but questions may have arisen as to whether the midwife appropriately took on board the mother’s concerns of reduced movement and whether she acted appropriately”.

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