Tuberculosis claims

Tuberculosis is usually considered to affect only those in developing countries however, in recent years, the NHS have seen an increase in reported cases of TB in the UK. Whilst early treatment can leave many TB sufferers with no ongoing medical issues, if untreated, tuberculosis can result in permanent lung damage and can be fatal in some circumstances. TB needs to be identified quickly and treated immediately to avoid potentially fatal consequences.

At Boyes Turner we specialise in helping those who have suffered serious injury as a result of a delayed diagnosis and have recovered compensation for clients who have suffered serious injury as a result of a delay in diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. We are a leading expert medical negligence law firm. The partners each have 20 years’ experience of working for clients who have suffered severe injuries after a delay in diagnosis. Our dedicated team of injury lawyers are able to provide advice and assistance through our high levels of legal expertise and links with care associations and those providing rehabilitation and support.


Tuberculosis FAQs

  • What is tuberculosis?

    Tuberculosis or TB is a bacterial infection that is spread through inhaling tiny droplets from the coughs or sneezes of an infected person. When caught in its early stages TB is easily treated with a course of antibiotics. However, if there is a delay in diagnosis TB can cause serious and life limiting respiratory issues.

  • What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

    Symptoms are: 

    • A persistent cough – lasting more than three weeks and usually with phlegm which may be bloody
    • Weight loss
    • Night sweats
    • High temperature (fever)
    • Tiredness and fatigue
    • Loss of appetite
    • Swellings in the neck
  • What causes TB?

    TB is a contagious bacterial infection spread through prolonged exposure to someone else with the illness. The most contagious type of TB is pulmonary tuberculosis which affects the lungs. Infection is passed between people when microscopic droplets from infected people are released into the air and inhaled by another.

    Tuberculosis is not easy to catch, in most healthy people the body’s immune system kills the bacteria and there are no symptoms. In some the immune system is unable to kill the bacteria but manages to prevent it spreading in the body. This is called latent tuberculosis. If a person has latent TB they are not infectious to others and they will not have any symptoms. They can exhibit TB symptoms at a later stage however if their immune system becomes weakened.

    If the immune system does fail to kill or contain the infection tuberculosis can spread within the lungs or other parts of the body and the carrier will develop symptoms.

  • Who is at risk of contracting TB?

    Anybody can catch TB if they have been in continued contact with someone who is contagious.

  • How is TB treated?

    For TB diagnosed in its early stages a 6 month course of antibiotics can almost always cure the infection. Due to the different types of TB there are several different types of antibiotics used.

    Those diagnosed with pulmonary TB are contagious for about 2-3 week into their course of treatment. Basic precautions to stop the infection spreading such as:

    • Cover mouth when coughing, sneezing or laughing
    • Carefully dispose of any used tissues in sealed container
    • Avoid sleeping in the same room as other people
    • Make sure there is a good supply of fresh air in areas most frequented
  • How can Boyes Turner help?

    Our medical negligence lawyers are specialists in achieving high value compensation awards for clients whose TB diagnosis has been delayed leaving them with serious difficulties and limited quality of life.

    We aim to achieve early admission of liability to alleviate the financial hardships that often follows a family member’s life limiting delay in diagnosis of TB. This helps our client families to meet their immediate needs for specialist equipment, therapies and care. Each settlement is calculated and negotiated following expert assessment to ensure the best provision for present and future needs.

  • What shall I do now?

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