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In many practices patients have named GPs and patient GP relationships can last for many years. In other practices patients may rarely see the same GP more than once or twice. GPs are at the forefront of a patient’s relationship with the NHS. The GP role is to identify what might be wrong and refer to the appropriate hospital specialist or to advise and treat depending on this presenting condition. Whatever a patient’s relationship with their GP, if the patient has concerns the GP might have made mistakes with life changing consequences it is important those concerns are investigated. 

Making a compensation claim

If you are concerned your GP may have made a mistake which has had a life changing impact on your health, or the health of a loved one, a claim for compensation can provide the financial reassurance needed to allow you/your family to concentrate on treatment and recovery while the legal team deal with an investigation and claim for compensation. 

Why choose Boyes Turner?

GP delays in diagnosis, referrals and failures in treatment can cause devastating and life changing injuries, sometimes leading to long term disability or death. Our specialist and compassionate team will be with you from start to finish, working with you and your family to fully investigate all the concerns you have regarding your GP care and to ensure full compensation is recovered. 

Over the last 25 years we have worked with many clients who have suffered a devastating consequence due to their GP’s failure. We always strive to do our best to help put out client and their families back on their feet. Common cases we see involve a failure to identify the seriousness of a presenting illness and a failure to either refer for specialist assessment or failure to refer quickly enough.  


I am overwhelmed by the outcome in terms of the monetary value and know I should consider it as a near a 'sorry' as I am likely to get from the hospital. It will be nice to start the process of closure on the whole issue now and look towards the future for us as a family. 

Mrs T, Surrey 

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