Make an Erbs palsy compensation claim

Compensation for Erb’s palsy can help you pay for private medical care and therapy to improve your child’s condition and abilities as far as possible. It can also help with adaptations in your home and at school or work to minimise any pain, discomfort or restrictions caused by the condition. 

Causes of Erb’s palsy

Erb’s palsy, a form of brachial plexus palsy, is most commonly an injury cause during birth. The injury may have been caused by too much force being applied whilst a doctor or midwife was pulling the baby out. It can also occur if the correct manoeuvres are not performed to safely release a baby’s stuck shoulder during birth. In some cases advice should have been given about the potential risks of an Erb’s Palsy injury during vaginal delivery with a recommendation to instead undergo a caesarean section.

Making an Erb’s palsy claim

Whatever the cause, the effects of Erb’s palsy can be permanent and life changing requiring specialist treatment and therapy. If your child has been affected by Erb’s palsy, then you may be able to claim compensation. Our expert claims team can investigate whether this condition could have been avoided and what treatment is required to help you manage this condition in the short and long term.

Why choose Boyes Turner?

As specialised birth injury claims solicitors, we pride ourselves on the support we can provide to you and your family throughout your Erb’s palsy claim. Our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the physical and psychological difficulties your child might face will ensure that your child gets the best outcome possible.

At Boyes Turner we can also offer continued support for your child through our specialist Special Educational Needs and Court of Protection team who can ensure their future financial and educational needs are fully considered and provided for.


I am overwhelmed by the outcome in terms of the monetary value and know I should consider it as a near a 'sorry' as I am likely to get from the hospital. It will be nice to start the process of closure on the whole issue now and look towards the future for us as a family. 

Mrs T, Surrey 

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