Make an asbestos claim

Bringing a claim for an asbestos related disease will help ease yours and your family’s financial burden. This is especially important in more complex cases where long term specialist care and assistance is required.  

Making an asbestos compensation claim

Historically many companies and institutions were aware, or should have been aware, that asbestos was a hazardous substance. Many unfortunately took insufficient steps to safeguard their employees from the dangers of asbestos. It is for this reason that we are able to pursue compensation claims on behalf of those people who have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease.

Why choose Boyes Turner?

Our dedicated asbestos disease team specialise in claims for asbestos related diseases such as pleural thickening, asbestosis, mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer.

In the past year we have recovered over £6.5 million in compensation for those with asbestos related diseases.

What is involved in making a claim?

We will gather evidence of your exposure to asbestos and investigate who is to blame for your condition.

Even when an employer/insurer is no longer trading we may be able to pursue a claim for compensation on your behalf. Our asbestos claims team’s wealth of experience in acting for asbestos victims has resulted in us owning an extensive database of companies and their insurers whom we have previously pursued.

We will take a witness statement from you dealing with your work history, how you may have been exposed to asbestos dust and ask you to provide us with any documents which you may have relating to this. We will contact witnesses and, in complex cases, we may obtain engineering evidence to support your claim.

We will get copies of your medical records and ask a medical expert, who specialises in asbestos related diseases, to prepare a report on your condition.

We will gather details of your financial losses from you and advise you on the value of your claim. We may discuss the possibility of trying to settle your claim by way of negotiation. The majority of claims are settled by negotiation. Very few asbestos compensation claims ever get to trial. Where we do end up going to Court, each step of the process will be fully explained to you beforehand and we will continue to support you throughout.

How long will it take to make a claim?

Every claim is different, but on average our claims are concluded within 4-24 months of receiving instructions.

How much will it cost to bring a claim?

An initial interview is always provided free of charge. At that meeting we will discuss how to fund the claim. We have a number of funding options available, all of which ensure you will have nothing to pay if your case is unsuccessful. In the majority of cases, we can act under a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win, no fee’).

When do I need to make a claim?

For people with an asbestos related disease there is usually no problem in bringing a claim, even though the exposure occurred a long time ago.

This is because you have 3 years from the date it can reasonably have been expected that you “knew or ought to have known” that your condition may be associated with your asbestos exposure, within which to issue court proceedings. If someone dies within 3 years of this date then their executors have 3 years from their date of death within which to issue court proceedings.

However, there are some circumstances where exceptions can be made, so please do contact us so that we can advise you appropriately.

How do I make a claim?

When a diagnosis, or death, as a result of an asbestos related disease has been made contact us to discuss the possibility of making a claim.

Contact our specialist asbestos claims team to discuss your options. We are happy to discuss the possibility of bringing a claim, without any obligation to take matters further.


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