Spinal Injury - Jayne's Story

“Julie Marsh, Senior associate – solicitor: Cauda equina is quite a rare condition it's one of those conditions that people just don't have a working knowledge of. I had just completed a case for a client involving cauda equina. We'd just reached an out-of-court settlement.”

“Jayne: My life before my illness was completely different I was a different person altogether really busy, working full-time, on my feet all day, out after work and then one day I just went to bed very early with a cold and got up with the most horrific sciatic pain.

I'd had a knee surgery planned and that was pushing my sick pay so there was no way I could take any more time off, no way, and then I went numb, my front, my groin, my leg and just that was the strangest, scary moment.

So I first went to the GPs straight from work. I crawled in there, literally,  and draped myself over his chair he was really reassuring he didn't examine me but asked me if I had any tenderness on my back and if I had any incontinence issues I'd only be numb for a couple of hours so I didn't even know what's that got to do with any of it this is my back this is my leg I'm numb but he reassured me it's fine go home rest we won't need to see anyone for a good month for things like this we leave it a month before we refer you to the hospital is this point I was quite a mess really things like getting to the bathroom was impossible so I wasn't really drinking much and just painkillers washed and the painkillers on a two hourly basis do what you can my partner's friends came around and his wife said, "This is ridiculous what are you doing. You know you need to go to the hospital why haven't you done that sooner?"

It was such white-knuckle ride of pain and just a blur really of how bad it was. I remember going on the trolley, asked a few questions, bit of an examination, and "classic sciatica" there was no concern from their part that this is something I should keep an eye on or what to look out for and I just went home.

I know now about the “red flag” things to look out for record to require but this was.. I hadn't even heard of it at that point. I kept saying if I was an animal someone would have put me down.

One of the consultants, who was doing his day in the private hospital and showed him and he said I'll operate in the morning so after the surgery I remember having a very bad night I was very angry oh you know this is when I discovered that I'm not gonna get the feeling back there was too much damage done by the time, you know, with a length of time I was numb and if it wasn't for my MRI I'd still be sat there now. You know the consultant said, this should have happened a long time ago.

I can remember ringing my mom and saying "I'm gonna do think about this I'm gonna see someone, I'm gonna find a solicitor", and then Boyes Turner was put to me as my friend knew someone who had been a client and recommended them."

“Julie Marsh:  When I first spoke to Jane it was important that I understood what her concerns were I needed to establish a rapport with her I needed to understand the detail of her particular case obviously the compensation was amazing and the final hurdle but for the hospital to admit for that was the icing on the cake that was the best feeling ever this is about the individual this is about securing compensation for their future to ensure that their life is the best it can possibly be even though they've been through what is worse than most people can ever imagine.”

I really appreciated the friendly, efficient and supportive nature of the solicitor. 

I would also like to express my thanks to you for your dedication in chasing the defendant's insurance company especially where COVID-19 made an impact. 

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