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Our expert solicitors have more than 25 years specialist experience helping families with a disabled child. We know the challenges brought with disability and work tirelessly to help with every step of your journey. 

Many parents we help come to us following a medical mistake or an accident which has left their child disabled or unable to live a normal life.

Sadly we can’t turn back the clock. But the financial security we help obtain can provide access to specialist care, equipment and therapies that make a real difference to both the child and the family. In many cases this involves adapting a house or finding more suitable accommodation, putting in place professional care, arranging therapy, obtaining equipment, helping with educational issues and management of finances. The consequence of compensation is that family life can continue with the reassurance that support is always on hand.


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Helping families for over 25 years

We provide families with access to the information and support they need. Our long standing relationships with many of the UK’s leading support charities including Headway, the Child Brain Injury Trust and Spinal Injuries Association give us access to the most up to date information on some of the serious injuries that our clients are coping with.

With schools often struggling to provide the facilities and additional help that disabled children need, education can be a major issue. We help parents work constructively with local authorities, so that their child has the support they need and a place at the school they want.

As your child gets older and becomes an adult we can ensure that their future and finances are secure so that they can live as full and as independent a life as possible – whatever their disability.

Our clients often describe the immediate sense of relief they feel after talking to us. Our results speak for themselves. If you have a disabled child and would like to discuss how we may be able to help then please get in touch.

Child claims FAQs

  • Can you help families with a disabled child bring a claim for medical negligence?

    Yes, our solicitors are nationally recognised as experts in bringing medical negligence claims on behalf of disabled children. 

    When a child is disabled as the result of a medical mistake, the consequences can be devastating for the child and their family. Many of our clients have suffered the most severe neurological and physical injuries from mismanagement of their birth or neo-natal care. Other children we have helped come to us after spinal or brain damage, amputation, blindness, deafness or other severe injuries caused by negligent medical treatment whether it be a delay in diagnosis and treatment, delay or failure to properly identify and treat infection, medical or surgical error. 

    Bringing a claim for medical negligence helps families by recovering compensation to enable them to provide for the needs of their disabled child.

  • Why should I bring a claim for medical negligence?

    Making a medical negligence claim can help you get on with family life, knowing that your child’s needs for care, therapies, specialist equipment, education and adapted accommodation are provided for and that their future will be secure.

    Once we have established liability, we arrange for early payments to make the necessary changes and help relieve the financial and physical stresses that can arise from bringing up a disabled child.

  • My child was injured as a result of an accident, can you help?

    Family life changes after a major accident, particularly when it involves a child. Unfortunately, once the injury has happened, there’s no going back and parents are often left to pick up the pieces and cope by themselves.

    Where the accident was someone else’s fault, our personal injury solicitors can help you put your family’s life back on track through the claims process. The result is financial security and access to specialist care, rehabilitation and essential equipment for the injured child, as well as support and respite for the family.

    Children we have helped have been injured in road accidents and rail crashes, been hurt at school, on holiday abroad or by defective products and services. Many of them have suffered brain and spinal injuries, amputation, severe burns or permanent disfigurement. Every case is different. Each client is treated as an individual.

  • I have heard that claims take a long time, how can I get help for my child now?

    Where possible we arrange for some of the injured child’s compensation to be paid early. This means that their rehabilitation starts sooner and allows any essential care, therapies and support to be set up, reducing the financial burdens on the family.

    Early payments can also be used to adapt the home and buy specialist equipment and transport.

    Our aim throughout the claims process is to preserve your role as a parent, allowing you to be a family again.

  • I am worried about bringing a claim. It is stressful, what do you need from me?

    For many families, the thought of a bringing a claim may seem daunting. We make this as straightforward as possible from the first meeting to negotiating an out of court settlement, or going to court if required. Each step is always explained, along with why it’s needed and how the family will be involved.

    Every claim is supported by independent medical experts to give you the best prospects of success.

    We have a range of claim funding options which we can discuss with you so that you don’t have to worry about funding your claim.

  • Can you prevent my claim being made public?

    Each settlement or compensation award reflects the unique circumstances of the case and is approved by the court. In special cases an anonymity order can be used to protect your family’s privacy.

  • I want my child to have a good education and I am unhappy with the school my local authority has offered me. How much of a say do I have in the choice of school?

    Every child has the right to a good education. Many parents are unaware that they have a say in the choice of school. Sadly, whilst the law gives rights to children with special educational needs, in practice local authorities may be unwilling to provide adequate support and funding. This is where we can help.

    Parents should be aware that there are strict time limits for challenging local authorities’ decisions. By speaking to us early we can ensure that you are supported at each step of the way through a process that can be daunting, especially for parents who are challenging a local authority for the first time.

  • How can you help us to challenge a local authority on my child’s education?

    Our special educational needs (SEN) lawyers will provide you with as much support as is needed. Some parents find that with a little expert guidance they can handle the process themselves. Others feel more comfortable having a lawyer manage it for them. Whichever way you choose to work with us, our aim is to help you secure the educational provision that is right for your child.

  • What sort of clients do your SEN lawyers help?

    Many of our clients have already faced the challenge of a legal claim following the accident or medical negligence which caused their child’s disability. Some are referred by lawyers who have helped them in other areas but recognise that they lack the expertise to advise on this essential aspect of a child’s life. Others have had very little to do with lawyers but know that when it comes to making important decisions with regard to their child’s education, they could do with some help.

    Our clients often describe the immediate sense of relief they feel after talking to us. Our results speak for themselves.

  • I need to arrange a deputyship for my child, can you help?

    The need for deputyship owing to mental incapacity can arise at any time of life. We act as a professional deputy for many of our clients. We get to know our clients well, visiting them at home and getting to know their families. It’s good to know that professional does not have to mean impersonal.

    Our specialist Court of Protection team act as deputies for many clients who have been brain-injured at birth or in childhood through accident or illness. Others owe their condition to genetic causes. Physical disability alone can give rise to the need for trusteeship.

  • How can your Court of Protection team help me?

    We work with families to ensure they are part of the decision making process to obtain the best for our clients. This gives families reassurance and peace of mind.

    If your child needs help with their financial affairs, our specialists will guide you through the application process and administration of deputyship, handling the paperwork, liaising with the Court of Protection, social services and other agencies. Where needed we can also make an application for a statutory will.

    Once deputyship has been arranged we help you make the most of your child’s money by maximising their benefits and accessing grants.

    On a day to day basis we relieve parents of the burden of paperwork, administration and management involved in employing carers, buying equipment, transport and adapting the family home. We also liaise with the Court of Protection on your behalf to satisfy their reporting requirements whilst ensuring that your child receives the provision that they need.

    Our reputation as experts in managing compensation funds means that clients often come to us from other solicitors for deputyship or trusteeship following interim payments and compensation awards.

    We are regularly asked to take over deputyships with the approval of the Court of Protection, where the client’s lawyers recognise that they do not have the necessary skills or expertise.

I really appreciated the friendly, efficient and supportive nature of the solicitor. 

I would also like to express my thanks to you for your dedication in chasing the defendant's insurance company especially where COVID-19 made an impact. 

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