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15% of specified injuries to employees were accounted for by falls from height, according to 2017’s HSE report “Kinds of accident in Great Britain”. Often falls from height result in severe brain injury which impact significantly upon quality of life and future earning potential.

Brain injury claim specialists

If you or a loved one suffered an accidental fall from height at work then our expert lawyers can help. Our leading specialist brain injury lawyers have over 20 years’ experience of working for clients with severe brain and head injuries caused by falls from height. Our dedicated team are able to provide advice and assistance throughout a claim, ensuring that interim payments are secured to cover rehabilitation and any home modifications that might be needed.


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As a Headway approved firm we agree to work within the Headway personal injury lawyer’s code of conduct. This means that you can be sure that we offer the quality and expertise needed to pursue a successful brain injury claim. We also have connections to many specialist brain injury rehabilitation and support providers who we can put you in touch with.

Different types of fall from height

Accident at work

  • Warehouse accidents - faulty lifts and hoists, material falling from height


  • Falling from ladders, step ladders and cherry pickers


  • Objects falling from height


  • Falling from ladders and step ladders

Office work

  • An office is often considered a fairly safe work environment but if storage is kept at a height safe access can sometimes be overlooked, as well as heavy items stored at height falling from their shelves.

Building site and construction

  • There are many different types of hazard on a building site that, if not properly used or if faulty can cause a brain injury after a fall from height –
    • Falling from scaffolding
    • Collapsing trenches
    • Slips and trips
    • Faulty lifts and hoists
    • Material falling from height

How can Boyes Turner help?

After a fall from height a brain injury is not uncommon, we have dealt with many different types of head or brain injury as a result of a fall, from mild to severe. Whilst damaged brain cells do no regenerate, recovery can still occur. The brain can reorganise itself and rehabilitation helps the brain do this, allowing the victim to also potentially recover physically quicker.

Our specialist brain injury lawyers aim to make sure that their clients have the best quality of life by focusing on early rehabilitation and training. We work with charities and case managers to ensure that practical assistance is given as soon as possible, we can arrange for interim payments to deal with rehabilitation costs, nursing care, specialist equipment, aids and appliances and money to replace lost income.

Making a fall from height claim

Brain injuries can be utterly devastating to the lives of those affected, if the injury was caused because of the fault of an organisation or another person then it may be possible to get financial compensation.

Employers have a duty of care towards their staff and therefore falls from height which happened at work are usually caused by negligent action by employers or fellow employees and making a claim will hold the organisation or individual responsible for the injury and may stop it from happening again.Making a claim can also ensure that quality of life is improved for the client through early rehabilitation, training and an application for interim payments which can help with any pressing financial needs or purchase necessary equipment or care.

What should I do next?

You have 3 years from the date of the accident within which to issue court proceedings, however the sooner the better as any potential interim payments will have more impact on your rehabilitation and care. To find out more about making a claim click here.

We are specialists in all kinds of brain injury, both traumatic and acquired, if you would like to have a free initial consultation about taking your claim forward please contact the team on 0118 952 7137 or email us on piclaims@boyesturner.com.

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