Work place amputation accidents

Working in construction, mining or in a factory can be dangerous, particularly so if the proper safety precautions are not taken. Even when they are, accidents can still happen.

Amputations following an accident at work can happen as the result of;

  • loss of blood to a limb
  • serious infection
  • crushing injuries
  • severing injuries
  • chemical burns

Accidents in the workplace can leave people with serious injuries where amputation is the only option. There are many ways in which injuries caused in a workplace can lead to an amputation.

Traumatic amputation

A traumatic amputation can occur through accidents at work where the limb or body part gets trapped in moving machinery. Modern medicine does mean that amputations can often be avoided however there are still many incidents in the workplace when an accident leads to a necessary amputation.

An amputation may be necessary when a limb or body part is trapped in, crushed in or stuck underneath heavy machinery or when a heavy object falls onto a person. When the limb is too crushed to be reconstructed then an amputation is often the only way to ensure recovery.

Some workplace accidents include explosions caused by unsafe handling of unstable materials. These accidents can result in traumatic amputations but more often serious burns. Burns can lead to an amputation if they restrict blood flow to the limb allowing it to die or causing serious infection.

Making an amputation claim

Losing a limb is always life-changing, affecting mobility, independence and limiting the ability to go back to work.  If you have had to undergo an amputation as a result of an accident at work then there is a significant chance that you are unable to return to the same area of work as prior to the accident. Making a claim for compensation following an accident at work may not help you regain your former life in full but it can help you regain your independence and help you and your family adjust to lifestyle changes as a result of the accident.

We use our specialist amputation claims experience to improve our client’s lives after an amputation. We ensure that our clients get the maximum compensation possible whilst also facilitating their access to appropriate and effective rehabilitation options.

Tailoring your compensation claim to your specific needs it is our aim, to help you get your life back.

Our expert solicitors have many years of experience bringing amputation claims on behalf of clients where the amputation resulted from an accident at work, if you or a family member have lost a limb as a result of an accident at work then contact the team at

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