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Farms and other agricultural workplaces are dangerous environments. Workers are at risk of injury from vehicles and machinery, livestock (animals) and toxins, such as chemicals. Their work is physically demanding and is often carried out in difficult conditions, such as on slopes, in poor weather, near hazards such as pits and silos, or whilst working at heights.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describes agriculture, forestry and fishing as the ‘riskiest industry sector’. Over the last five years, the fatal injury rate within the agricultural industry has been up to 20 times the all-industry death rate, with one death almost every week. The most common causes of serious or fatal injury are accidents involving overturned or moving vehicles,  being hit by objects, contact with animals or machinery, or falling whilst working at heights.

Employers and owners of agricultural premises must take all reasonable steps to keep their employees and visitors safe from foreseeable injury.  Where serious injury is suffered as a result of the employer’s negligence, the injured person may be entitled to compensation.

Why use Boyes Turner for your agricultural workplace injury claim? 

Boyes Turner’s personal injury claims team specialise in claims involving complex and severe injury. We have helped clients who have suffered serious injury in workplace accidents obtain compensation and rehabilitation to rebuild their lives for over 30 years. We understand the rules and regulations which govern farming and agricultural workplace accidents and are skilled in identifying where our client’s injury was caused by their employer’s negligence.

Our service to our clients includes:

  • free, straightforward and confidential advice from our experienced personal injury solicitors;
  • eligible claims handled under no win no fee (CFA or conditional fee agreement) funding arrangements;
  • early funded rehabilitation based on individualised immediate needs assessments (INAs) by specialist case managers, to maximise our clients’ recovery;
  • interim (advance) payments to meet urgent needs and ease financial hardship;
  • ongoing support and liaison with multidisciplinary medical/therapeutic/care teams, if needed;
  • Court of Protection deputyship or personal injury trusts, where needed;
  • high value settlements, which meet our clients’ future needs.  

Our personal injury lawyers are recognised as leading experts in personal injury claims by Chambers Directory and The Legal 500. Our memberships and accreditations include:

  • The Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel;
  • APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers);
  • Headway;
  • Spinal Injuries Association (SIA);
  • Major Trauma Group;
  • Mesothelioma UK.

Previous Cases

  • Compensation settlement for a tree surgeon who sustained a brachial plexus injury and loss of use of his arm in an accident at work whilst cutting down a tree. Insufficient training resulted in the tree falling in the wrong direction, hitting him and causing permanent disability from the injury to his arm.  
  • Compensation settlement in a claim against a farmer for a woman who was injured when she was trampled by the farmer’s cows.

Who can claim compensation for injury from farm or agricultural accidents?

Employers and owners of agricultural premises must take all reasonable steps to keep their employees and visitors safe. Compensation claims for injuries caused by negligent failure to provide a safe working farm or agricultural environment can be made by:

  • full-time or part-time employees;
  • independent contractors;
  • temporary workers or casual staff;
  • self-employed workers;
  • visitors;
  • children or others who live on the farm;
  • members of the public.
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What types of farm or agricultural workplace accidents lead to injury claims?

The most common causes of farm or agricultural injury claims are accidents involving moving vehicles, such as:

  • being hit or run over by moving vehicles, such as tractors, all-terrain vehicles(ATV) or quad bikes;
  • being trapped beneath or injured by overturning vehicles, particularly when working on slopes, such as banks, ditches, ramps, hills or uneven ground; 
  • accidents involving telescopic handlers, loaders etc.

Other common causes of farm or agricultural injury claims include injury from:

  • contact with machinery;
  • being hit by falling objects, such as trees, hay bales, heavy loads, concrete slabs, logs;
  • chainsaw accidents;
  • being trapped/crushed beneath, between or by overturning or collapsing vehicles, trailers, machinery, trees, buildings;
  • falls from heights (through roofs, from trees, ladders, lifting equipment, vehicles, work platforms);
  • falls into unguarded pits, silos, storage tanks; 
  • falls on the same level from slipping or tripping hazards;
  • electrocution or burns (from overhead power lines, electrical wiring);
  • exposure to toxic chemicals and gases, pesticides, fertilisers, disinfectants, dust, asbestos;  
  • injury from animals or livestock;
  • drowning or asphyxiation;
  • injury from fires;
  • lifting accidents;
  • injury from unsafe buildings;
  • accidents involving children (such as children living at, working at or visiting the farm).
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What kinds of negligent mistakes lead to farms or agricultural accident injury claims?

Employers and owners of farms and agricultural premises owe their employees a duty of care to prevent foreseeable accidents which could cause injury. They  must also comply with multiple health and safety standards and guidelines set by HSE and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Where someone’s serious injury arose from their employer’s failure to comply with health and safety guidelines, they may be entitled to make a claim.

Here are some examples of negligent mistakes which often lead to farm or agricultural accident injury claims:

  • failure to carry out proper risk assessments;
  • failure to plan or provide a safe system of work;
  • failure to comply with H&S regulations and/or Defra guidance;
  • failure to provide adequate training and a competent workforce;
  • failure to provide adequate supervision;
  • failure to fence off or guard machinery and other hazards;
  • failure to inspect, maintain or repair vehicles, machinery and equipment;
  • failure to inspect, maintain or repair buildings or comply with building regulations;
  • failure to provide suitable protective clothing and equipment;
  • failing to securely house or fence off animals;
  • failure to provide adequate restraining or other animal handling equipment;
  • allowing young children to drive, ride on or access farm vehicles or machinery;
  • failing to ensure that children cannot access hazardous areas;
  • (vicarious liability for) co-worker negligence.
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