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Car drivers are required by law to have motor insurance. This ensures that if a passenger, pedestrian or other road user is injured as a result of their negligence, the injured victim can obtain financial compensation for their injuries and losses. Even where the driver was not insured to drive the car, or is untraced after leaving the scene of a hit and run, the insurance industry will often compensate the injured victim via the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB). The law and the insurance industry recognise that car accidents can cause life-changing injuries, and that those who are injured as a result of negligence are entitled to compensation.

Our experienced car accident claims lawyers help individuals and their families recover, rehabilitate  and rebuild their lives after devastating injury following an accident.

We specialise in claims of maximum severity arising from life-changing injury and severe disability, and for clients with extensive needs for rehabilitation and ongoing care.  We are experts in securing early funding for rehabilitation to optimise our clients’ recovery by timely, appropriate and coordinated treatment, whilst ensuring that maximum compensation is obtained to replace lost income and provide for necessary adapted housing, vehicles and equipment, therapies and care.

We are also known for the outstanding settlements we achieve in highly complex, difficult or sensitive cases, particularly involving teenagers or allegations of contributory negligence . We have supported many families through the challenges and suffering caused by devastating accidents.

We are committed to making a difference. Every client’s claim is handled with care.

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Who can make a car accident injury claim?

If a driver, pedestrian or other road user has been seriously injured as a result of a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, they may be entitled to compensation.

We have helped clients make car accident injury claims when they were:

  • A car driver – if someone else caused the accident, such as another driver or the highway authority. 
  • A car passenger in a private vehicle: 
    • where the driver of the same car caused the accident;
    • where another vehicle driver caused the accident;
    • where the accident was caused by someone else, such as the highway authority. 
  • A passenger in a taxi;
    • where the taxi driver caused the accident;
    • where another vehicle caused accident;
    • where the accident was caused by something else – eg highway authority.
  • A pedestrian;
  • A cyclist
  • A motorcyclist
  • A pillion passenger.

Where someone has died as a result of negligence in a car accident, a claim may be made on behalf of their partner, dependants or those entitled under their estate.

We have also recovered compensation for clients who have suffered severe psychological injury from witnessing their child, parent or partner’s death or injury in an accident that was caused by somebody else.

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Contributory negligence - can I claim if I was partly to blame?

Car accidents and resulting injuries can have more than one cause. When the injured person’s own behaviour was partly to blame for their injuries in an accident that was caused by someone else, this is known as contributory negligence.

Where the injured person’s contributory negligence increased their risk of harm from an accident or made their injuries worse, their compensation may be reduced by a percentage which represents their own part in causing their injury.

We are experts in achieving outstanding settlements in complex cases involving contributory negligence.

We fight insurers’ attempts to deny claims or unfairly reduce them where we believe our client deserves full or partial compensation. In cases involving severe injury, we often secure significant compensation, even if the settlement involves a reduction for contributory negligence. This financial help can be a lifeline for individuals and families affected by catastrophic injury or permanent disability, providing essential rehabilitation, specialist equipment and home adaptations, therapies, care and support.

For this reason, if you have hesitated to claim for serious injury to a partner, child or teenager who might have been partly to blame for their own injury in an accident, we encourage you to talk to us, free and confidentially, and let us advise whether we help you make a claim which will succeed in obtaining financial help. 

Common types of contributory negligence in car accident claims where we have succeeded in recovering compensation for the injured person include:

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Supporting families with sensitive claims

We understand the challenges faced by families as they struggle to cope and adapt after a car accident causes life-changing injury. Cars are often the preferred way for families and groups of friends to travel together, so car accidents often affect multiple people. Depending on the circumstances, feelings of guilt, blame and loss after a traumatic accident can also harm the relationships between family and friends. The thought of making a claim in these circumstances can seem overwhelming, but our clients discover that the extensive needs of the injured person can best be met by compensation.

Our supportive and experienced solicitors regularly bring claims for clients in sensitive circumstances, such as:

When deciding to make a claim, many clients find it helpful to remember that:

  • the driver’s insurance company has a legal/contractual responsibility to pay compensation to those injured by their insured driver’s negligence, so it is usually the insurer which handles the claim for the negligent driver;
  • car accident injury claims are civil claims for compensation rather than criminal proceedings;
  • in most of our clients’ cases liability is agreed and settlement negotiated without the need for court proceedings or attendance at court;
  • insurer-funded rehabilitation improves the injured child, teenager or adult’s prospects of recovery, and compensation ensures that their ongoing needs will be met.
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What negligent mistakes lead to car accident injury claims?

Car accidents are often caused by one or more of the following driver errors:

  • speeding or driving too fast for the road conditions;
  • losing control of the car;
  • failing to see a person, vehicle or obstruction on the road;
  • failing to take action to avoid a collision;
  • failing to stop or slow down;
  • failing to give way;
  • overtaking too close or in dangerous circumstances;
  • failing to keep to their own carriageway, lane or side of the road;
  • failing to look or signal when changing lane;
  • failing to keep to the highway code;
  • tailgating or driving too close to the vehicle in front;
  • driving a car which was unroadworthy, (such as defective lights, indicators, tyres or brakes);
  • driving whilst on a mobile phone (or otherwise distracted);
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Claims can also be made against the council, highway authority or other agencies responsible for safety on the road, if the car accident was caused by their negligence, including:

  • maintenance and repair failures, such as an unsafe or defective road surface;
  • unmarked ramps or other hazards;
  • unlit skips or road works.
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What injuries can lead to car accident injury claims?

We have helped recover compensation for clients after car accidents left them with injuries including:

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What compensation can I claim after being injured in a car accident?

We investigate each client’s claim carefully and obtain expert medical evidence to ensure that we understand the full extent of our client’s injuries and the impact of any disability on their life. The amount of compensation that an injured client or a bereaved family receives depends on the injured person’s injury and their individual circumstances.

Serious injury claims may include compensation for:

  • pain, suffering and disability; 
  • rehabilitation costs, including:  
    • brain injury rehabilitation;
    • physical rehabilitation;
    • vocational rehabilitation;
    • educational rehabilitation;
  • costs of care;
  • costs of case management;
  • costs of specialist equipment;
  • costs of assistive technology;
  • adapted vehicles and transport costs;
  • loss of earnings and pension;
  • medical costs;
  • prosthetics (after amputation);
  • special educational (SEN) support;
  • cost of therapies such as:
    • occupational therapy (OT);
    • physiotherapy;
    • speech and language therapy;
    • psychological treatment and counselling;
  • costs of adapted accommodation;
  • costs of domestic assistance;
  • Court of Protection and deputyship costs;
  • (fatal cases) loss of dependency, replacing the loss of the deceased’s income and/or services, such as:
    • childcare;
    • housework or homekeeping;
    • DIY;
    • gardening;
    • driving.  
  • statutory bereavement award (fatal cases);
  • funeral costs (fatal cases).
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Who can we help make a personal injury claim?

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What injuries can lead to a personal injury compensation claim?

What is a personal injury claim?

What are the time limits for making a personal injury claim?

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"Thanks for everything"

“Thanks for everything. It’s been very nice to be able to put it all behind us and try to move forward.  I cannot thank you and Boyes Turner for all you have done for me. It goes without saying I would always recommend Boyes Turner. I couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Boyes Turner Client

"You got us the best outcome and I can’t thank you enough"

 Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of myself and my family. You were recommended to us by a close friend back in 2017 and I will certainly recommend you again. You’ve been amazing and very reassuring considering how complicated I made things at times. It’s been one of the hardest times of my life but I was glad I had you on the end of the phone. It’s a surreal feeling now it’s all over but very relieved you got us the best outcome and I can’t thank you enough.

Boyes Turner Client

"Extremely grateful for her professionalism and attention to detail. "

Through my dealings with Claire as my representative in a personal injury claim, I have been extremely grateful for her professionalism and attention to detail. 

I believe going above and beyond to help accommodate my needs and explain everything in a way that I could understand. Working around timing for video calls and zoom meetings with myself and my mum, often on weekends and evenings. We always knew she was just a phone call away to answer any questions we had and if she didn’t have the answer then it would be found out for us. Once the claim was settled, she has still offered her support and provided contacts to do with my injury fund and further surgery I need. 

Boyes Turner client

"Great support throughout a very emotional and difficult period"

Claire was very much the lynchpin in achieving settlement of a complex case. From the outset Claire ensured steps were taken to manage both rehabilitation and legal/case requirements in the correct sequence; this included the early appointment of a case manager.

In addition Claire has been a great support throughout a very emotional and difficult period in our lives.

Boyes Turner client

"I cannot recommend them highly enough"

After being involved in a Road Accident I enlisted the services of Boyes Turner to help settle our compensation claim for damages and ongoing injuries that I incurred as a result. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their ongoing support throughout an extremely stressful ordeal was second to none. I suffered multiple injuries and they organised all my ongoing medical needs both physically and mentally, to help aid my recovery and rehabilitation. They managed my case with the utmost professionalism, concluding it satisfactorily so that I can move forward with my life and recovery. Thank you to Claire and her team for their amazing ongoing support and work with handling my case, in a time of great stress and uncertainty. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family.


Boyes Turner client