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Written on 14th September 2022 by Martin Anderson

In June 2021 Gary contacted Boyes Turner’s specialist mesothelioma and asbestos disease claims team, to pursue a compensation claim following his diagnosis of mesothelioma earlier that year.

Gary worked for Radyne Ltd in Wokingham from 1976 to 1986 as a sheet metal worker. 

He regularly drilled a material called Sindanyo, which contained asbestos.  It came in blocks, which were about two inches thick.  He used the Sindanyo to sandwich other metal strips in between them and would line up between five and ten blocks each time.   He then drilled through the blocks in several places with an electric drill.

When he was drilling the holes, this created dust which went on his hands and face and on his overalls.  Some also fell on the floor and he would sweep it up with a dustpan and brush.  

Other metalworkers worked in the same area and did the same thing.  He was never given any warnings of the dangers of asbestos and was never provided with any protective equipment. 

After leaving Radyne, Gary had no further asbestos exposure.

Gary noticed he was getting short of breath in early 2021 and investigations revealed he had fluid on the lung.  1.2 litres of fluid was drained from his lung and he subsequently had a biopsy.  He was then diagnosed with mesothelioma in May 2021. 

Laura Magson (Partner in our specialist mesothelioma team) and Martin Anderson (Associate Solicitor) went to see Gary in June 2021, shortly after his diagnosis and took a detailed witness statement from him.  We were also able to trace some of his former co – workers and take statements from them which corroborated Gary’s version of events.

Martin then sent a letter of claim to Radyne’s insurers to initiate the claim and instructed an independent medical expert who supported the claim.

Sadly, Gary started to deteriorate over the summer and he passed away in September 2021.  His wife continued with the claim as Personal Representative of his Estate.

Martin set about gathering evidence and valuing the claim.  As Gary was still working at the time of his diagnosis, the claim included a very substantial figure for his Wife’s dependency on his income.

Settlement was agreed in July 2022 for £325,000.  While no amount of money can adequately compensate Gary’s widow for her sad loss, we were glad we could help at such a difficult time and she was pleased with the outcome:

‘I thank you for the considerate way you dealt with everything, always keeping me informed of developments and, although the settlement doesn’t bring Gary back, I feel he would be thankful that myself and our two sons have been looked after financially through your endeavours. Thank you’.

For more information about how the mesothelioma and asbestos disease claims team can help you or your loved ones after a diagnosis of an asbestos related disease, please contact the team by email on or by telephone on 0118 952 7199.