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William has little or no use of his left arm as a result of becoming stuck in the birth canal during his delivery. Instead of performing the appropriate manoeuvresthe medical staff pulled harder and harder on his head until they had stretched his shoulder nerves beyond repair.

The proper action would have been to perform a series of manoeuvres in succession designed to release the stuck shoulder without damaging the shoulder nerves. As a young boy William was thought to have mild learning difficulties and some behavioural problems, so his injury was likely to have a serious effect on his earnings potential.

Medical negligence claim

After investigating the issues we approached the hospital with our evidence and a detailed letter of claim.

Claim settled

The hospital accepted responsibility for William’s birth injury and settled the claim for £300,000. The claim took 6 years to settle as it was necessary to allow time to pass before William’s long term prognosis could be accurately forecast and the appropriate level of damages calculated.