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Boyes Turner expert Personal Injury lawyer, Kim Smerdon, recovered £625,000 compensation for a male motorcyclist.

On the day of the accident the defendant, driving a Volkswagen Caravelle, drove his vehicle on to the wrong side of the carriageway in Brighton and collided head-on with the claimant, who was the driver of a Hyosung motorcycle.

The claimant sustained orthopaedic injuries in the accident including fractures of the distal radian and ulna of the right and left arm, fractures of the right little finger, fractures of the right and left acetabulum, a fracture of the left distal femur, femoral artery occlusion, injury to the ligaments in the left knee, complete left sciatica, nerve palsy, fractures to the facial and nasal bones. These injuries were devastating and required a number of surgical procedures.

The claimant made as good a recovery as might be hoped but remains permanently disabled from the injuries to his lower back, pelvis and upper and lower limbs. The claimant has become increasingly disabled from rheumatic osteo-arthritis in the right hip and left knee. Future surgery is likely to include a total hip replacement with one or two revisions, removal of the femoral plate, knee arthroscopy, patella-femoral replacement and primary total knee replacement with one revision.

In addition to the orthopaedic injuries sustained the claimant as also sustained psychological injuries including depression.

At the time of the accident the claimant was working part-time in retail sales which enabled him to concentrate on building up his reputation in the music industry. The claimant had begun DJing and arranging club nights in and around Brighton with his friends having studied at the Access to Music College in Brighton and obtaining a Diploma in Modern Music with a view to working in music production. The claimant recovered future loss of earnings on the basis that he is now unlikely to be able to do this work due to his physical restrictions. Evidence was obtained from a specialist within the industry as to the likely level of future earnings.

Proceedings were issued but the claim settled by way of negotiation in the sum of £625,000.