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Mr W contacted Boyes Turner in April 2012, having been diagnosed with asbestos-related pulmonary fibrosis, otherwise known as asbestosis.

Our specialist solicitors spoke to Mr F at length, and gleaned that he had a very complex history of exposure to asbestos whilst employed as a merchant seaman in the 1960s and 1970s. We were able to establish, with surprising accuracy, precisely when Mr W had been working with asbestos in ships’ boiler rooms and also at the various docks where he was based. Having obtained a report from a specialist chest physician confirming the nature of his condition, we were able to negotiate a successful conclusion of Mr W’s claim for the gross sum of £37,000.

Mr W’s condition remains thankfully comparatively minor. However, there is a significant risk that this may worsen in the future, and terms were therefore agreed on the understanding that his case could be reopened if his condition were to deteriorate.