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The parents of twins approached us after one of their premature twins, Elijah*, developed necrotising enteritis (tissue death in parts of the bowel) following his birth and negligent treatment of his condition resulted in Elijah developing permanent brain damage.

The result

Our team of specialist birth injury lawyers was able to secure judgment for the family although valuing of the compensation claim has been put on hold until Elijah is older and the extent of his brain damage is fully understood.

The claims process

Our birth injury lawyers contacted the hospital explaining how we believed medical negligence caused Elijah's brain damage. This included how, after developing necroticising enteritis, he was not adequately treated and suffered a collapse at just a week old. Following his collapse he required ventilation and, as a result of this being administered excessively, also experienced an extensive period of hypocarbia, which led to his permanent brain damage.

The brain damage compensation payment

Whilst judgment was secured, the final compensation payment cannot be valued until Elijah is old enough for the full impact of his negligent treatment to be understood. In the meantime the family are receiving short term payments to support Elijah's immediate needs arising from his brain damage.

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