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Written on 22nd August 2016 by

Our client

Thomas* was born prematurely at just 25 weeks. Thomas developed jaundice shortly after he was born and, due to this not being treated quickly enough, he suffered kernicterus (brain damage caused by excessive jaundice).

The claims process 

When our team of birth injury solicitors was approached by Thomas’ parents we began examining medical reports for Thomas and his mum, looking into the potential causes of his brain damage. In particular we were looking into whether the circumstances that caused his brain damage could have been avoided. 

Our team of birth injury solicitors contacted the hospital on behalf of Thomas, setting out how we believed medical negligence had occurred to cause his brain damage. This included how Thomas had developed jaundice within hours of being born and how a delay in beginning the treatment of phototherapy (light therapy) caused Thomas' brain damage.

The brain damage premature babies compensation

Our team secured significant compensation for Thomas and his parents for the hospital negligence that caused his brain injury.

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