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Our client

Jacob* ‘s birth injury claim arose when he suffered serious physical injury and brain damage at birth caused by medical negligence. A failure to diagnose jaundice after he had left hospital resulted in hyperbilirubinemia (too much bilirubin in the blood) and caused brain damage in Jacob as a baby.

The truth

Our birth injury lawyers helped establish exactly what had happened to cause serious physical injury and brain damage in Jacob as a baby.

The claim process

When our team of birth injury lawyers was first approached to make a claim for Jacob we began by looking at the circumstances surrounding Jacob’s birth and how his brain damage arose. In order to do this we investigated medical reports for Jacob and his mother and spoke to experts in brain damage at birth and birth injury claims. Our team of birth injury lawyers wanted to establish how Jacob’s hyperbilirubinemia had been able to reach such as serious level as to cause brain damage.

Our birth injury lawyers concluded that in the case of Jacob and his family and their birth injury claim, hospital negligence was responsible for the brain damage in baby. This included how this brain damage could have been avoided if the midwives responsible for his post-birth care had diagnosed the developing jaundice in time. Our birth injury lawyers believed that if this medical negligence had not taken place then Jacob's brain damage would not have occurred.

*All names have been changed for client privacy. 

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