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Our client

Oscar* (3 years old) suffered brain damage as a baby and he now has cerebral palsy after he developed jaundice and elevated bilirubin levels following admission to hospital after his birth.

The result

Our expert brain damage compensation lawyers secured judgment against the hospital for failing to treat Oscar’s post-birth jaundice. Although Oscar is still too young for the extent of his cerebral palsy, and the needs resulting from it, to be assessed (and his claim value to be decided), he and his family are already received substantial short term brain damage compensation payments to support his ongoing needs.

The claims process

When Oscar and his family approached us our specialist brain damage claims team began looking into the circumstances of Oscar’s admission to hospital after his birth to see if his jaundice, and resulting brain damage, could have been avoided. This involved reading through medical reports for Oscar and his mum and speaking to experts, including a paediatric neurologist and a neuroradiologist, to find out what went wrong in his medical treatment to have caused his brain damage and resulting cerebral palsy.

We contacted the hospital on behalf of Oscar, setting out how we believed that their medical negligence had contributed to his condition. This included how Oscar's elevated bilirubin levels could have been easily treated by providing phototherapy and that it was this medical negligence failure that caused Oscar’s cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Did the hospital admit fault?

Yes, the hospital admitted liability for causing Oscar's brain damage.

The future for Oscar

Oscar and his family are receiving temporary short-term payments whilst the valuing of the brain damage compensation is put on hold. This will be re-assessed when Oscar is old enough for the full extent of his brain damage – particularly his intellect and understanding - to be understood. 

*All names have been changed for client privacy.