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Our amputation negligence solicitors acted on behalf of a 70 year-old man who suffered a below-knee amputation as a result of a failure by his GPs to act on a progressive infection.

The man had sustained a minor cut on his foot - which would not normally cause difficulties but he was a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy. He attended the A & E department of his local hospital where his foot was dressed and he was given antibiotics. The man then went to his GP surgery for further treatment and was seen by the practice nurse and two GPs who decided to treat him conservatively.

Amputation negligence

Unfortunately, the infection spread and it was alleged that the practice nurse and GPs had been negligent in failing to refer him for specialist care.

Ultimately he self-admitted to A&E but by this time there had been significant tissue damage and he had to undergo a below-knee amputation.

The matter could not be resolved amicably and formal court proceedings began. As part of this admissions were made but the GPs and practice nurse denied causation stating that the client’s amputation would probably have been needed anyway.

Following negotiations a settlement of the amputation negligence claim was made for a total of £210,000 plus payment of all of the client’s legal costs.

The case was initially handled with the benefit of legal expenses insurance but when that expired the case continued with a No Win, No Fee agreement.