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Our client was awarded £70,000 in compensation for her claim against James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust following the loss of vision in her right eye. 

Eye operation at James Paget Hospital

She was diagnosed with an eye condition which required an operation at the ophthalmic department of James Paget Hospital. The operation itself was carried out successfully which meant her eyesight was preserved.

Two days after the operation, our client became unwell and her eye began to swell. She contacted the hospital ward because her symptoms - which according to the hospital's own eye care information leaflet - meant she required medical help.

Serious infection diagnosed

She was told that the symptoms were to be expected and that there was no need to go to the hospital. Over the following two days the symptoms became worse and she returned to the hospital. She was diagnosed with an acute staphylococcus infection and despite being given IV antibiotics and various other medication she lost the sight in her right eye. As the sight in her left eye was poor, she was left in great difficulty. Due to the infection the eye also began to shrink requiring prosthesis implants.

Medical negligence claim

The hospital admitted breach of duty and accepted that they should have advised our client to go to the hospital when she first telephoned and would thus have started earlier treatment. The causation of the injury, i.e. whether or not the situation would have been any different had she had that earlier treatment, was strongly contested.

Supportive reports were obtained from a consultant ophthalomologist which confirmed that earlier treatment would have provided her with some useful vision and would not have left her with any cosmetic defect. Proceedings were issued and served and following negotiation the matter was settled with £70,000 in compensation being awarded to our client.