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We have recently been representing a client in respect of a road traffic accident. Mr P, a Polish National, was involved in a road traffic accident which occurred in September 2011. He was stationery in a Ford Transit delivery van that was struck in the rear by a car transporter.

The matter initially proceeded through the MOJ Portal. Liability was disputed by the Defendants and the claim excited the process. We had to obtain a Police Report and after 12 months of correspondence, liability was finally admitted. 

As a result of the accident Mr P sustained a soft tissue injury to his neck and back. He also sustained a soft tissue injury to the left knee and the right knee. The most serious injury was to his right knee. 

Mr P had a pre-existing history of bilateral anterior right knee pain but this had greatly improved following physiotherapy and straightening, but then deteriorated probably as a result of a blow to the front of the knee at that time. The medical expert attributed 70% of the Mr P’s ongoing complaints in his right knee to the index accident.

Mr P also developed a post-traumatic stress disorder, initially this was of a moderate to severe degree of severity but over the subsequent years it gradually diminished to a mild level of severity. He has also developed depression. Our client was prescribed anti-depressants and attended cognitive behavioural therapy. 

The claim settled after court proceeding had been issued. The claim settled out of court for £65,000 and included a loss of earnings claim.