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Sophie* approached Boyes Turner in September 2012 to represent her in a medical negligence claim after she developed pressure sores on her buttocks and the lower part of her backbone following her admission to hospital in April 2011 after she developed transverse myelitis, which meant she suffered from paralysis of her hands and legs.

As a result of the pressure sores, Sophie had frequent assessments by tissue viability nurses during her three month stay in the hospital. The sores required redressing regularly. The sores eventually healed but Sophie still suffers discomfort at the site of the pressure sores, occasionally requiring pain relief.

It was alleged that development and severity of Sophie's pressure sores were as a result of the hospital's failure to properly risk assess her on admission, to provide her with a pressure-relieving mattress and to ensure she was routinely repositioned.

Sophie contacted Boyes Turner in September 2012 to pursue a claim for medical negligence. After an initial investigation, Boyes Turner's specialist medical negligence solicitors wrote to the Hospital Trust inviting them to admit their failures in providing appropriate care, which they did in February 2013.

As part of the valuation of Sophie's claim, evidence was obtained from a tissue viability nurse, who confirmed that Sophie was likely to have ongoing issues with the site of the sore at the lower backbone. The expert recommended a range of items such as creams, specialist mattresses and cushions to help Sophie which would be needed for the rest of her life.

Successful negotiations secured a settlement of £65,000 for Sophie.

* The claimant’s name has been changed for legal reasons.