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Boyes Turner’s personal injury lawyers secured £45,000 in compensation for a woman who dislocated her knee and fractured her sternum and jaw after slipping on a wet floor in a nightclub.

The dislocation of her knee resulted in a sprained ligament and a subsequent MRI scan showed a tear in her anterior cruciate ligament. She had also suffered a subluxation.

She underwent an arthroscopy under general anaesthetic to rectify the problem but her knee continued to be painful, often locking up and becoming swollen. 

Eight months after the accident she underwent a Falkerson’s osteotomy under general anaesthetic and was discharged after two days in a knee brace which she had to keep on for six weeks, three of which the brace was in a lock and the other three she was allowed only a 90° movement of the knee.

The accident meant that our client - a first aid trainer for Thames Valley Police - was unable to work for a period of time. Three years on from the accident she has still not been able to continue her hobby of horse riding.